Start the app

The app can be started from two different places

First, with the app icon, the app main activity will be shown presenting a list of the recently opened books

Recently Opened Books

This list contains books that were opened before, and for which it already exists a pagination and a list of bookmarks

In order to remove the information saved for a book, long press on a book in the list, and a delete confirmation will have to be approved; this will delete the saved data but will not affect in any way the original EPUB book file

Delete Recent Book

Open a book

In order to open a new book, press the button for file dialog

Open File Dialog Button Open File Dialog

The file dialog has a menu where a favorite folder can be defined (after that the file dialog will always open into it).

Open File Menu

Reading styles

Different styles can be defined for reading the book; press the button for styles dialog

Style Button Styles Dialog

In order to create a new style, select an existing style and press the duplicate button

Style Button

This will bring up the style dialog, where various values of a style can be modified

Style Dialog

Note that ‘Vision type’ can be only changed once, before the first save

A custom style can be deleted by long press on in in the list

Delete Style


The settings dialog will be displayed by pressing the ‘Settings’ button

Settings Button Settings Dialog

Here are the options for turning the page. Note that if volume buttons are used to turn the page, it will no longer be possible to control the volume during reading (if a music playing is in the background for example). Also note that in order to use the Bluetooth headset button to turn the page, the default voice command action associated with it will need to be taken over, so give it the rights to be associated with it by default.

Settings Bluetooth Always

The settings should be saved by pressing the ‘Save’ menu option

Reading a book

By pressing in the recent books list the book read activity will be opened; another way to open it is to start the application by opening an EPUB book file, for example from a file manager

File Manager

In the book activity the title and author(s) will always be shown in a panel; press on the panel to display more information about the book such as the cover, description or language. Each of this information will be displayed if it exists and is valid

Bookmarks Book Information


The book activity bookmarks list has three predefined options, first is ‘Continue reading’, it will open the book for reading at the page where it was last time; it always shows a progress percent on where in the book the page is. The ‘Table of Contents’ option will display the book table of contents, if the book has one and is valid; press on an item to go to the page which contains it. Note that the content item page will became the continue reading page in this case

Book Toc

There is also a ‘Beginning of the book’ option to restart reading the book from the first page. After creating a new bookmark (see below) it will appear in this list along with the progress percent; these created bookmarks can be deleted by long pressing on them

When opening a book for reading, in order to turn the page shortly press on the right part of the screen (approximately in the third right part); when long press (approximately more than two seconds) ten pages will be turned at once. The same thing for turning back the page, short press on the left of the screen, long press to turn back ten pages

Shortly press in the middle of the screen to bring up the book read menu panel

In the bottom of the panel, the current page number and the number of pages will be displayed; these values are related to the pagination, will be different for a different style, especially for text size. The constant value here will be the number of chapters, which in this context represents the number of HTML files the book was split into when the EPUB book archive was created

Book Menu Panel

Change style

The first button will change between normal reading style (no glasses needed), and reading glasses on or off. First the option for no glasses will be active; after that on clicking on the button it will change between reading glasses on/off. In order to go back to normal reading style, long press the button

When going to a style that was not displayed before, a repagination is needed. Also, when changing between styles, is possible that the new page displayed will not contain the text from the previous style page, and to have a one or two-page difference. Depending to the position in the page that was last read, this will mean turning the page or turning back a few times. This is due to the fact that for a bigger / smaller text size the repagination can be very different.

For a selected reading type (normal, reading glasses on/off) the style can be further changed in a new defined one (in the styles dialog by duplication) by pressing the ‘Change this style’ button. The list of styles will be restricted to reading type (normal, reading glasses on/off); if the style was not used before, or if it was modified, a repagination will be performed.

New bookmark

The ‘Create bookmark / Save bookmark’ button will create a bookmark for the page, the name cannot be empty.



When the page contains notes (the superscript links) the content of the notes can be displayed by pressing the button ‘Notes in page’



The ‘Speak’ button will open the speak panel, and the book will be read aloud paragraph by paragraph. The ‘Pause / Continue’ button will temporary pause the reading, and continue from the beginning of the paragraph. To skip on or more paragraphs press the ‘Next paragraph’ button; note that this will work only while on reading, not on pause.


The speak language is determined from the book language information; if this is not possible American English is the default language; in order to change it use the dropdowns for ‘Language’ and ‘Voice’ and then press the ‘Change voice’ button. Also the speed and tone of the reading can be changed by using the corresponding seek bars; in order to go back to the default values, press the ‘Change voice’ button. Ivona voice is recommended but is in no way affiliated with this app.